We have one purpose… To help fleet operators like you increase vehicle safety whilst saving thousands of £££’s each and every year

We have one purpose… To help fleet operators like you increase vehicle safety whilst saving thousands of £££’s each and every year

Formed almost ten years ago we help hundreds of vehicle operators both UK and worldwide to increase vehicle safety and ultimately save lives.

After experiencing the frustrations you are having with our fleet, back in 2006 we set out to help businesses just like you and established Centrad – supplyingquality products at unbeatable value.

Every new product design is fully tested and extensively trialled within our sister company’s bus fleet (Central Buses), the end result being a reliable product that is exceptionally easy to use.

But enough about Centrad, come and meet the team…

Geoff CrossGeoff Cross
Managing Director

I know what you’re thinking, Geoff doesn’t look older enough to run a 10 year old company (brownie points coming our way). Even after running Centrad and Central Buses, Geoff still has time to fit in the odd Villa game, which judging from our Monday mornings has been more pain than pleasure this season. …

Steve CrossSteve Cross
Technology Director

Steve has an eye for technology and has predicted many break through’s in the industry, he travels the world sourcing the best products for us (Someone has to do it hey). Steve always re appears around exhibition time and has some great products lined up for you.

Claire Anderton

Claire Anderton
Operations Co-Ordinator

Claire has been with us since 2013 and she is the go to girl for customer support. She is always on hand when customers need her and knows a DVR back to front. We have had to keep her grounded after her famous ‘Ask Claire’ section in our newsletter was launched– The queues of fans outside our office are starting to calm down though.

Matthew FreemantleMatthew Freemantle
Business Development Manager

Matt spends his time on the road travelling up and down the country, building great relationships with our customers. He doesn’t quite live the life of a trucker, but has been known to sleep at a service station or two. He is known for is amazing product demonstrations, so if you’re looking to book one, he is your man.



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